Meet Our Family


I was raised on a grain/cattle farm in southern Sk. and agriculture has always been important to me. I can't think of a better way to raise our kids than caring for livestock, and producing a quality product. 


I'm proud of what we are building, and that my kids are the 5th generation in our family involved in Agriculture on this land.


Whether its taking care of a bottle baby, late night lamb checks, or processing newborns, Keely is there to help.  She is also very involved in 4-H with her market lamb and her breeding Ewe project so she can start her own flock.


Justin is a big help out on the farm.  He can often be found feeding the flock in the winter and keeping the water fresh in the barn in lambing season.  Justin is busy in 4-H with his market lamb, welding and magic projects.


Killer's job is to watch over the flock and protect them from predators like Coyotes.  He's a big boy that keep's the threat to a minimum.


Kimmy is one of our Border Collie Stock dogs.  She's a pretty helpful part of the operation when it comes time to sort and round up the livestock to bring to the yard.