Ranch Raised Alberta Lamb


Naturally Grown

Our market lambs are raised with no growth hormones.  They are raised on native grasslands, locally grown feeds, and hay.  They typically take a little longer to finish compared to feedlot raised.  The end result is an excellent product that is raised right.


How to buy?

We are a small operation with no on site butchering facilities.  We make arrangements to have your lamb(s) taken to a local provincially inspected meat shop to be processed.  When the packaged meat is ready to pickup you may pick it up yourself or we can deliver.



**ONLY A SMALL AMOUNT OF PRE CUT PACKAGES REMAINING**  Market prices do fluctuate & we are very competitive.  Typically you can expect to pay around $375- $425 for a complete lamb that will yield around 45 - 55 lbs. of meat.  This includes custom cutting, wrapping and freezing.  You will be paying less than you would in the stores & you are also supporting local agriculture at the same time.  Please call or email for more details & to reserve your 2020 orders..